Sunday, January 2, 2011


New year's resolution: Let my creative self out to play more often. Write. Photograph. Sing. Be inspired. Here are a few things that have been inspiring me lately:

1. My children. They live in a world where magic is unquestioned, dreams are limitless, and everyday holds the possibility of a grand and glorious adventure!

2. Christmas. A twinkling, glittery, fire-lit, ribbon wrapped, shaken up snow globe of happiness.

3. Old things. Old things are fascinating. Peeling paint, yellowed pages, twisted metal, abandoned and decrepit buildings. What stories lie dormant within them?

4. My brother-in-law. He is an expert on the world of imaginings. He also has the enviable talent of taking the everyday mundane and writing about it in a way that captures you and makes you wish you were there.

5. The sky. Always constant, yet ever changing. Beautiful in all it's fluffy cloud, blue, sunniness. Stunning in it's velvety blackness punctuated by shimmering stars. Devastatingly lovely in the midst of a storm with angry slashes of lightning and water color clouds.

So please tell me, where do you find inspiration?

1 comment:

  1. Hymns of old, books whose pages are stained with age, homeless photographs from families whose identity is unknown you find at estate sales and yard sales....I am drawn to them somehow. Old crochet pieces and quilts from women whose lives I have never met, but somehow their works stood the test of time. The idea that I have children hundreds of years in the future {provided the Lord doesn't take us away before that time} that I will know nothing about, but whose very existance was started in part by a love that I have had for my husband, and the fact that God has brought and kept us together. And he/she will know somewhat of me. That inspires me!