Monday, January 17, 2011

Middle Child

Caleb, middle child, who will you be when you grow up? Today you are a happy helper. It's so sweet to watch you share a toy with Eliana in order to make her stop crying. Or volunteer to help Ethan find the latest thing he has lost. I can always count on you to help me put the dishes away and "deliver" everyone's food at mealtimes. Today you are my cuddlebug. Always curling up in mommy and daddy's laps. Giving out hugs and kisses to your brother and sister. It melts my heart when you say, "Mommy I love you 100!" There is so much love in your little four year old self. Today your faith could move mountains. When someone is sick or something goes wrong, your first response is always to pray. And such fervent prayers! "God. Please help all the bad guys to start loving you. Please. Please. Amen." (This was prayer was offered up after we drove past a jail in town.) And you never doubt that after your prayer, it is done. I love (and am a bit envious of) your depth of pure, innocent, faith. I pray that is something you never lose.

Caleb, my sweet, loving, faith-filled, joyful little boy...I love you 100 too!

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