Saturday, June 16, 2012

Super Saturday #4

Put on your swimsuit and come to the beach party! We played lots of games at this party:
*Fish-Fish-Shark: A beached up version of duck-duck-goose.
*Beach Bingo
*Musical towels: A beached up version of musical chairs!
*And, of course, we did the Limbo! This was a big hit and we played it for a very long time! It was hilarious watching the different ways they tried to "go low!"

Activities included beach color-by-number pages, a beach word search, a beach word scramble and a design your own surfboard contest! I also pulled out some old school fun in the form of paper dolls. I was surprised how much they enjoyed dressing them up in different summer ensembles. The boys also made their own surfboards out of legos.

We ate some goldfish crackers, lots of fresh fruit, and popsicles! Of course no day at the beach is complete without some actual water so we ended the day at a local spray park. We splashed and played and shot each other with water guns until we were completely drenched! Unfortunately, we had to leave a little sooner than expected. Poor Caleb slipped, fell, and ripped off his entire toenail from his little toe! There were lots of tears and quite a bit of blood. He's fine now after a prescription of mommy cuddles, neosporin, and a CARS band-aid!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Super Saturday #3

This is a top-secret, confidential, for your eyes only blog! Welcome to Spy Training Camp. The day starts with breakfast bombs, then training begins.

1. Spy Preparation: Here the spies received their code names and created their spy name badges. Speedy Tiger (the big boy). Hidden Eagle (the one in the middle). Wild Lightning (baby girl). Every spy needs a good pair of binoculars so my spies designed their own.

2. Laser Training: Probably the most fun part of the day! Spy Mommy created a "laser" course (it was yarn) and my spies had to make it through without touching the lasers. After several tries both boys made it through successfully. Wild Lightning didn't really get it...but she had fun!

3. Bomb Training: The spies had to pass the bomb quickly before it exploded! If they were holding it when it exploded, they had to fall down and yell "I've been caught!" As we all know, a good spy never gets caught!

4. Observation Training: The spies and I took an observation walk. They had to keep their eyes open to find everything on their "spy eyes" list. I also had several "I Spy" books on hand and a spy word search, word scramble, and coloring sheets.

At the end of the day, each spy received a certificate of completion making them official spies! Oh, one more thing, this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

A Bit of Independence

Yesterday I took the kids to our public library. After picking our books and a few movies, it was time to play. Caleb and Ellie wanted to play in the "kid's room." Puzzles, legos, crayons, and no one shushing you. Ethan wanted to read. Mommy, very reluctantly, went with the two younger ones and left Ethan to read. A step towards independence. I could see him clearly but it felt like he was so far away. I watched him intently but he didn't look my way once.

It's so hard to let go.