Thursday, August 27, 2009

Angry Eyes,& Kickboxing

We recently borrowed the movie "Larry Boy and the Angry Eyebrows" from our library. If you haven't seen it, the basic message is that God wants us to let go of our anger. Unfortunately, the movie seems to have had the opposite effect on Caleb. He puts on his "angry eyebrows", crosses his arms and using his "mad voice" says, "I so angry!" I have to turn away every time because I can't help but laugh.

I have started using a kickboxing exercise video. It's very effective...if the boys aren't in the room. Let me paint you a picture of my workout this morning. Sweet Eliana is in her baby swing laughing at me every time I punch. I have Caleb on my left side and Ethan on my right. They are also working out. I was kicked in the leg, punched in the behind, and what happened when I sat on the floor to stretch? Ethan dramatically flopped into my lap claiming to be "so tired" and Caleb jumped on my back and yelled, "Horsey mommy!"

I was reminded today how truly blessed I am. I am a stay-at-home mommy. I get to be here for the funny expressions, and comical sayings, and all of the wonderful milestones my kids reach. Not every day is laughter and play. Some days are harder than I ever thought they could be. But I wouldn't trade this beautiful chaos for a second. They are my God given little miracles and my life would be much less rich without them. So today I am thanking and praising God for this awesome, sometimes scary, privilege and responsibility that is motherhood.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Redefining Adventure (by Shawna)

This week, we are on vacation. Monday, Damian and I thought it would be a grand adventure to jump in the car and take a drive. We decided to drive to Chena River and do some hiking. The drive is a little over an hour long. It is a beautiful drive full of amazing scenery. Now, before we had children, we took long, meandering drives frequently. Just to explore. We had meaningful conversations and drank in the beauty that surrounded us. This drive was nothing like that. The music on this drive was verses of crying baby with a chorus of sibling rivalry! When we finally reached our destination everyone was joyful and relieved to be getting out of their confinement.

The river was lovely. We splashed in the freezing cold water, met a fisherman, hiked a trail, ate freshly picked raspberries, and saw five moose. When we arrived home that evening, I asked the boys if they had fun. With genuine smiles they emphatically replied, "YES!" Then I asked them what their favorite part was. To which Ethan replied, "Playing on the rock." What? We drove all that way and saw all these things and his favorite part was playing on a rock?! Then I remember, the world looks different through the eyes of my children. Anything can become an exciting and new experience if you use your imagination. And so, we are redefining adventure.