Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, here it is. My first blog entry after a very long hiatus. We have encountered several life detours in the past six months. We've been turned upside down and inside out and yes, even sideways! If you asked me back then what my life would look like six months from now, this is not the picture I would have painted. But I am stronger now. I am not so concerned about what other people think of me now. I am beginning to dream again. In a sermon I recently heard, the pastor spoke about your eyes being the window to your soul. What do I want my soul to look like? Light and love and color and peace. Compassion and humility and discipline. I want my soul to look like Jesus. Does that make me radical? Maybe. But I am stripped. Stripped of pride and selfishness. Stripped of thinking this world has anything that I could desire. I have never felt emotion so raw and desire so deep. It wasn't in the plan, but this is one detour I am sure was completely worth it.

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  1. God allowed Job to go through all the had because of how much He LOVED him, and I know that He must count you worthy as well to be going through all that you have recently. God loves you, and so do I!! :)