Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Saturday #6

AAAARRRGGGHHH Mateys! Today we are pirates! The buccaneers built their very own pirate ships out of legos. They also designed their own pirate flags and drew pictures of what they'd look like as pirates.

We played cannonball pop (with balloons), musical islands (variation of musical chairs), and two versions of Attack! In one version each kid has their own pirate ship (an area marked out on the floor) and the other two pirates try to throw cannonballs (wadded up paper) onto the ship. Version two finds us under attack by stuffed pirates and we must defeat them (knock them over) with the cannonballs!

Of course there was a treasure hunt! Captain Mommy found a treasure map and the buccaneers and Captain Daddy followed it. X marks the spot! This was their favorite and when they found the treasure...well, I didn't know pirates could squeal like that! The treasure had a few coins and some pirate fruit snacks.

We ended the day with a trip to Pirate Cove(our local library has a pirate section) where the buccaneers relaxed in their hideout after a long day! G'night Mateys!


  1. Absolutely awesome!! Pirates ARRRRRR cool!!!! What were their pirate names? I love love love the last picture!! :)

  2. AVAST MATEYS!!! Sounds like you had a swashbuckling good time.
    Captain Grandpa Hook is jealous!!

  3. So awesome, sounds like the kids had a blast (mommy & daddy too!)