Saturday, July 28, 2012

Super Saturday #5

Well, after a month long hiatus, Super Saturday is back! We had taken a break to pack, move, and unpack! Now we are happily settled in to our new home, new church, new life, and are slowly easing back into a routine!

Today we went on a jungle safari! I hid small jungle animals throughout the apartment and the kids had to find them and photograph them. We also set up a jungle obstacle course: A blanket as quicksand they had to jump over. Another blanket thrown over some chairs became a bat cave. Green yarn taped in doorways were poisonous vines. Hungry creatures (stuffed animals) also needed to be avoided! At the end of the course they rescued a cute pink baby doll. We played jungle charades and Snakeball (think basketball with a toy snake and a plastic bowl). We also visited "The Wild", that's the name of a children's bookstore downtown! Each kid was able to pick out a new book. Capped off the day with some ice cream which I know has nothing to do with the jungle but it was yummy!

I am having difficulty processing the fact that summer break is almost over. Two more weeks and my boys will be heading to their new school! My mission these next two weeks is to savor every second.

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