Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Twenty-Five Days Of Christmas

I love Christmas. December is my favorite month of the entire year. I always try to soak up every moment of this season of magic and warmth. So this year I have started a new tradition! Credit for this wonderful idea goes to (a website I highly recommend because it is full of beautiful things and inspiration.) (a website I do not recommend because you will become addicted and it will suck hours away from your life!) It's a clever twist on an advent calendar. We count down the days until Christmas but instead of getting candy there is an activity or treat for every day. The kids are loving it and are quite anxious to get out of bed and come downstairs each morning! This is what our list looks like:
Bake cookies - What a lovely, delicious, mess we made!
Decorate the tree - Damian and Eliana had their picture taken while
picking out the tree and made it into the local
Holiday Stroll downtown - free cookies, a visit with santa, and so
many Christmas lights. The kids and I
had our picture in the paper for this
too! Owensboro loves it's Schoonmakers!
Christmas craft day - Now I know why I don't regularly do crafts with
my children. My house was a glitter
Check out Christmas books at the library - We also got to make
Unwrap new pajamas to wear to bed - So far this was the favorite.
Feetie pajamas rule!
Eat snowman pancakes
Visit the holiday forest at the art museum
Daddy's super secret surprise!
- I don't even know!
Shop for teacher presents
Santa scavenger hunt
Picnic in front of the Christmas tree
Browse Christmas decorations at the mall
Christmas food surprise in lunchbox
Play Christmas games
Walk the path of lights at Legion Park
Act out the Christmas story
See daddy perform in the Christmas play
Panther Creek's drive through light spectacular
Unwrap a new book to read at bedtime
Christmas movie marathon
Eat cookies for breakfast
Snowball fight

Open presents!!
Road trip to Uncle Aaron & Aunt Ashley's

If you read this whole post you must really love me! So, this is how we are squeezing as much merriment as possible out of this Christmas season! Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Love, love, love! Do you have copies of the articles from the paper? I don't get the paper, would love to see it!