Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Boys, Two Blankets, and a Box.

It's been a week of runny noses, fevers, and just general crankiness in our house this week. We didn't get out much, but the boys made the best of it. I am pleasantly pleased with how they handled themselves. An empty box provided an hour of entertainment. One of them would hide in the box and then jump out and "scare" the other. This filled the air with the most beautiful sound of explosive giggling. Their favorite blankets became super hero capes, forts, beehives, and "girl hair." Imagination, it's a wonderful thing.

In other news, we are moving. I am beyond thrilled by this for several reasons which I will now take the liberty of sharing.

1. We will be living right next door to the church. This means we will save money on gas (our drive now is 20 minutes), see Damian for lunch everyday, and have people over for lunch each Sunday afternoon. It's hard to say no to free food and next door!
2. Eliana will have her own room! I didn't get the joy of painting and setting up a space for her when she came home. Now my Ellie Bean will have a room of pink and fluff fit for a princess.
3. Downsizing. I know this seems like a negative to most people but I enjoy living simply. It's a fun challenge for me to pare down to nothing but the essentials. Plus, small house means less cleaning!
4. We will be within walking distance of 3 playgrounds, a grocery store, the library, the Santa Claus house, and McDonald's.
5. God opened the door for us.

Winter is finally winding down here in Alaska. Avalanches of snow are sliding off the roof. Chickadees are making their grand debut with sweet song. The sun has come out of hibernation and is once again brightening our days. We've even had a few days with highs of 40 to 45 (ABOVE zero!!) We will be in our new place just in time to enjoy long awaited summer!

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