Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday Shenanigans.

It's Sunday morning. 5:30 AM. The boys are up. Why are the boys up so early? Time to shower and dress up and eat breakfast. We pack everyone in the van and they fall asleep on the way to church. Fast forward through Sunday School and now it's time to worship. The music starts, and so does the drama. Caleb wants to drink the communion juice. I say no. Meltdown #1 lands us in the bathroom where I lay down the law. A few songs later both boys decide they are entirely too tired to stand during worship and lie down on the pew. Apparently, this pew isn't big enough for the two of them because suddenly Ethan let's out an ear piercing, angry scream. Then they both start bawling. Meltdown #2 and off to the bathroom again. I am literally dragging them down the hallway while they are howling in protest. Worship is over? Huh, I guess I missed it. Time for announcements. Of course, now that there is no music to cover the noise, the boys feel the need to be even louder. Once again, Caleb wants communion juice and I say no. This starts him on a screaming, fall off the pew, my life is just awful tantrum. Meltdown #3 as I carry his flailing arms and legs off to the bathroom. I lay down the law...again, then place him on the little stool and with my mommy mad face on say, "You tell me when you're done!" Two minutes later and he's calmed down and repentant. Just in time for me to drop him off at kid's church.


  1. Now that's he repentant, he can have communion, too!

  2. Sounds normal to me...from what I remember about their dad and his siblings! Love, Dad

  3. oh my goodness. what a day. i am happy to find another mom who is enjoying life to the mostest with kiddies around.

    thanks for visiting my blog. merry christmas to you and yours.