Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who Needs an Alarm Clock?

Someone needs to teach my children that summer vacation is made for sleeping in. 5:00 AM. I wake up to find Caleb's nose a mere inch away from mine. "Mom, is it morning yet?" Groan. "Sort of." "Great!" he says as he crawls into bed with me. Eliana wanders in whimpering and rubbing her eyes. She lays down on my chest and whines, "Blankie! Nap!" Well, if you want to take a nap...go back to your own bed! Running footsteps alert me of the approach of the big boy. "Target acquired!" Uh-oh. Ethan takes a flying leap landing directly on my bladder. Ow. Knees in my ribs, elbows in my face. Is this a bed or a wrestling ring? Damian is snoring. Really?! Why am I the only one feeling the morning love? And how can he sleep through all this noise?! "Mommy needs to go potty." Oh, apparently that is code for pig pile on mommy! Giving in to the inevitable I wrap the three of them in my arms, squeeze, and shower them with morning breath kisses. Sleep will wait, my lovies will not.


  1. That is a beauty only Mommies can understand. =) Love these "little" years.

  2. You are a good woman. :) Been here, done that, still doing it. And the part of me that isn't exhausted, loves every minute of it.