Friday, July 17, 2009

A Foreign Land (by Shawna)

Welcome to Alaska! One of the 50 states in our great America, and yet, to many it seems like a foreign land. I must admit that it was not on my list of “Dream places to live.” However, now that we are here I would be heartbroken if I ever had to leave. Have you ever read journals from the early settlers? Their words spoke beautifully of what it was to “love a land.” This is something I never fully understood until we settled here. I love this land. This Alaska. Why? I wake up in the morning and see moose in my backyard. Wildflowers spill their colors unrestrained. The Northern Lights. Snow and ice turn the trees into tall crystal works of art. The beauty of this landscape is rugged and distinctive and beyond description. It reminds me of the poetry that is God’s creation!

Then there are the people. Alaskans are the most generous and servant-hearted people I have ever met. They challenge me to be less selfish, and more like Jesus. We are so far from our family here and of course we miss them ferociously. And yet, these people have become our family. I love them much more than you should love someone you’ve only known for five months. This is where we belong. This is home.

I feel truly blessed and humbled that God has chosen to place us here. We hope it’s a lifelong appointment!

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  1. Papa will make the first comment! I am very glad that you are so happy there and there is no reason you'd ever have to leave because I'm sure there's plenty of room in that state to move around if you want a change of scenery. Someday when I have money I will make it there...Love, Dad